Questions on self-reflection
On the one hand, these concern personal transfer motivation, self-efficacy conviction and transfer volition, on the other hand, however, also the reflection of one’s own implementation experiences or the quality of the application.
Knowledge test
Small impulse questions stimulate reflection (Why is feedback actually so reluctant to be implemented? How do I deal with difficult candidates? What are the principles for a „mindset for top performance?“).
This can include new topics, but also implementation assessments.
Video or audio files in which participants express their opinions, for example, on the quality of the seminar or on implementation experiences.
Implementation tasks
Concrete steps are given to the team (specifically implement „leading through reality“ three times in the next week).
Statements and opinions
Interactive workbook
Non-moderated, which includes instructions that are worked on online in a small group (case study ptx-stretch for discussion, etc.)
Personal transfer plan
Each participant is required to develop a transfer plan that includes, first, the transfer expectation (the end result on the levels of ability and desire) and, second, small implementation steps that are very specific and scheduled. Intermediate assessments allow an evaluation of the learning progress.
Impulse questions
Small content-related or implementation-related questions enrich the learning process (What effect did you achieve exactly with the last implementation step? What difference did you notice to previous approaches?).
Using slides, content is explained along an audio track.
Expert interview
A person with reputation (executive, consultant, etc.) gives a short interview on video.
Impulses on the audio track
Questions and answers
Specific questions can be directed to the presenters.
Short scripts summarize the most important topics of the training, enriched with additional information.
Learning Nuggets
In the form of a short script, new impulses for theory and practice are entered.
Best Practice Video by participants
These maximum 2 minute videos are self-made cell phone videos by the participants.
A classic explanatory film with new content.
Information about seminar organizations, backgrounds in the company, etc.
Short text with suggestions
Call a Coach
Personal and confidential coaching can be called at any time via chat or telephone.
Transfer balance
Based on self-assessment questions, transfer balances are regularly drawn along a scale. Similar to a „fever curve“ the development can be shown (self-assessment).