Life is not a bank statement

Like many retailers, Tübingen’s Gastl bookstore was facing closure in the summer of 2021. Gastl has a special aura for Tübingen students: a traditional store where, long ago, famous people like Ernst Bloch or Walter Jens went in and out, smoking a pipe with their students.
When a group of very different people (students, professors, local councillors, etc.) started the initiative to continue the Gastl bookstore as a cooperative, we were happy to support it.

What motivates us about it? The entrepreneurial perspective in an extremely difficult market environment. The values of the cooperative. The topic of „sales“. And, of course, the „book“ issue. So we, the supervisory board and the cooperative members, are actively involved in shaping it.
And of course we buy our books from Gastl.

Bookstore Gastl