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Circle2 and ...

In the circle with our cooperation partners we succeed in taking up different points of view and perspectives and make them jointly usable. Where it fits, we bring each other into play.

STO Consulting stands for consulting, training and coaching for companies that want to develop a new business model, find a suitable organizational form and implement it with innovative methods.
With our project management consulting, we support IT and digitalization organizations in making their projects faster and more successful. All in the spirit of comprehensively optimized velocity.
MatrixPartner focuses in particular on improving operational excellence with a focus on lean management and CIP, production optimization, purchasing optimization, working capital management, and IT management, among others. In addition, MatrixPartner is one of the leading consulting firms in Germany for all issues related to co-determination.

With the initiative Aktionstag Münchner Unternehmen Des mach ma! and the preparation and organization of Social Days (www.barbara-lenz.com), Barbara Lenz creates meaningful encounters for companies and their employees, which have a lasting effect on the corporate culture, the sense of belonging and the professional cooperation.
The service covers every facet of preparation and implementation, in line with the motto „Doing good, made easy“.