About us



We value development and change, because Circle2 itself emerged from a transformation process.
Since 1996, it has been our passion to make a difference in the areas of leadership, sales, cooperation and change. And from the very beginning, not only analog, but also digital.
In order to generate learning and resulting targeted action, collaborative frameworks are needed: Structural, organizational, value-based, social and personal.
Development and change are meaningful when we keep both the company’s aspirations and the individual in mind.
We are successful when you achieve your goals even better and when the production and marketing of excellent products and services in your company make recognizable progress. And when at the same time people act with inner motivation, joy and ease. We are the contact for all target groups in the company: For top management, for experienced or new executives. For employees in field service, development, marketing or production. For employees with administrative tasks and for all people in the organization who provide their services in a complex environment.
Being in the Circle means doing this both in the respective groups or teams, but also across the board and cross-functionally.