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CIRCLE2 GmbH is a consulting company with a focus on leadership development, sales development, support of change processes, strengthening of cooperation in companies, coaching as well as in all questions of strategic human resources development. The founders Tobias Heisig and Alexander Wittwer have more than 25 years of experience in supporting people in organizations to successfully master complex challenges.
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In their new article, Tobias Heisig and Alexander Wittwer deal with the question of what I can do as a manager when someone is not cooperating and offer four specific exercises.
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Cooperation partner meeting on March 18 2024 in Stuttgart

With regard to our projects in the area of cultural change in our client organizations, yesterday we discussed the scope of different cultural models and approaches as well as their applicability in practice.


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Who we are and what we do

As a management consultancy for human resources and organizational development, we support people and organizations through customized training, coaching and development formats. Our main topics are Leadership, Sales, Transformation und Collaboration.

Whether it is an individual coaching measure or a comprehensive international training program, whether it is the facilitation of a challenging strategy workshop or a complex and comprehensive cultural or transformation process – we condense our experience gained since 1996 in diverse industries into inspiring concepts „for tomorrow“. Equally practical and scientifically sound. We focus on the company as an attractive and successful place to work.

We like to form a CIRCLE with people who have identified relevant development and change needs in their own company and who want to make a lasting difference. With people who have values and want to create them together. We are concerned with a clear attitude but also with great openness to individual requirements in the context of corporate success. After all, expertise only helps if it is brought to bear in a targeted manner. This also applies to our formats: A lot of dialog, not much of a one-way street. A lot of practice and only as much theory as necessary. We use methods when they make sense: classic training, live online training, workshops, surveys, large events, open space, digital learning nuggets, potential evaluations – usually a specific mix of everything makes sense.

We consultants are masters of our trade and have a lot of experience – also in line and in very different industries. We enjoy pragmatic, concrete action. In understanding your company precisely and supporting its people effectively in their development.